Our special guest from Uganda


Emmanuel Serunjoji is the Deputy Mayor of Kampala Capital City Authority Kawempe Urban Council in Uganda. He has been in Local Governments leadership since 1998. He was as the first directly elected Youth Councillor on Kampala City Council L.C.V, He served as the Chairperson of Gender, Welfare and Community Services Committee of Kampala City Council and also as the Chairman of Uganda Youth Coucillors Forum.

Mr. Emmanuel Serunjoji has attended and presented papers in many international and national forums, also at our 3rd Congress of the Swiss Forum for Electric Mobility.


This project was an initiative by students of Makerere University Faculty of Engineering and Technology. It is on this note that the project was started and developed using the few available resources materials and facilities at the university to promote creativeness, innovations and concretize their dream ideas into viable and tangible product.

The dream hatched, was put into practical and ideological motivation to be the pioneers of the project in its kind worldwide in order to reduce the economic incapacities of transport as  a result of fuels and lubricants which are at high purchase prices, wanted to promote their acquired knowledge as first invertors of the system and exhibit the level of technology that Uganda so far has reached in order to awaken leaders in developing countries like Uganda. that much can always to be done if facilities and facilitations are available to motivate the progressing innovations in the developing technology.

The KIIRA EV has the sitting capacity of four at the moment, weight of one tone and speed of up to 180 kilometres per hour.

It uses the generated power by the rechargeable battery from electricity; it helps it to run the distance not less than 80 kilometers that power also provide light system to the vehicle.

It has been found a good venture but costly for continuity. It reduces accidents in the way it is made, no fumes, pollutions, no contaminations of waters and atmosphere.

Presentation ot the KIIRA EV Project at 3rd Congress of the Swiss Forum for Electric Mobility